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Fuculty of electric technology - Industrial university of HoChiMinh city

AUN (ASEAN University Network) is a leading university network of Southeast Asia (ASEAN) established in November 1995 by the initiative of the Council of Ministers of Education of Southeast Asian Countries, with its members. Initially nominated by the Secretary of Education.

AUN-QA is a set of standards with rigorous quality standards, with clear, specific criteria that focus on assessing the conditions to ensure the quality of the training of the entire training program, not just the on the characteristics of each specialty. Read more

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Expected Learning Outcomes: 100% Complete
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology: 100% Complete
Curriculum Structure: 100% Complete
Curriculum Schedule: 100% Complete
Course Overview: 100% Complete
Number of students studying
Percentage of employed persons
Number of faculty members
Percentage of lecturers who have master's degree or above

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